Storage Tips

It is one of our goals to ensure that you have a smooth storage experience. If you care enough about your belongings to rent a place to store them, you also probably want to know that you are storing them properly. Please consider using the following tips to protect your items:

  • Keep items off the ground by using pallets or tarps
  • Keep items at least one inch from the wall to protect them from any potential condensation that occurs when there is a dramatic change in temperature
  • Depending on the durability of certain items, consider using totes over cardboard boxes to store your items
  • Create an aisle way within the unit so that items can be easily accessed
  • When storing items such as furniture or mattresses, be sure to place a cover or tarp over them
  • Do not store items closer than 12 inches to doors to prevent door snags and damage to items as well as doors
  • Consider using a product like DampRid to minimize moisture in the air
  • Create an inventory list so that you know what items are in storage
  • When accessing the facility at night consider bringing a flashlight While the facility itself is well lit, our units do not have over head lights inside of them
  • Don’t hesitate to purchase a good lock and be sure your unit is locked properly
  • Be sure to insure your items and talk to your agent to see if your homeowner or renters policy covers offsite storage